A Wedding in St. Lucia…a good idea?

There’s very little in life that’s more difficult than finding that special person with whom to spend the rest of your life. We each have criteria, an idea of that perfect person. Some people search, seemingly endlessly, and the lucky ones, find each other like it was always meant to be! Sometimes, it feels a million miles away, but when you do find that person, you know it! That person’s your best friend, your confidante, the love you never dreamed possible. Suddenly, life seems better in Read more [...]

Jesus take the wheel..

Life is the best comedy…

2 women left the local convenience store recently…one walking who said “Remember sister…let Jesus take the wheel!” The other replied “Amen to that! Bye!” and got into her car…
Suddenly…”Scream & Thud” as her car flew back and knocked over the other woman…!!
Attempting not to explode with laughter…I helped the woman up…and said “Looks like Jesus can’t drive then!!!”

My Life – Part 2 – “Oh my God, you’re so big…Bert”!

My mother screamed and screamed, until she thought she would die of the pain. Then after several hours of agonising labour, my head finally emerged, followed by the rest of me. “Congratulations Lucille, you’ve a wonderful little boy!” The nurse smiled broadly, a smile that reduced in size upon seeing the expression on my mother’s face. “Take him away, I don’t want him!” I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for the size of my head! Years later, I’d often find myself Read more [...]

My Life – Part 1 – “Cabbages, beans & genes…”

They say one desert, looks very much like another. But on this one, were several holes dug by British soldiers. The year was 1942, and for many, the last time they’d seen any real “conveniences”...was 1941! So, they dug holes and trenches, and more holes. In particular holes, ragged soldiers sat, awaiting the coming onslaught of the German army. But, behind the front lines, were smaller holes, and for the sake of geographical awareness...were each named “Libyan crap-hole”! Here, the more Read more [...]

All about Ray Hardy…!

So, about me...yikes...! Well, I live on the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Originally from the UK, I came here to live back in late 2002, and am now a citizen. Professionally, I'm a photographer and wedding planner with my own businesses http://www.karaymedia.com/ which is the photographic side, with wedding planning at these sites: http://www.tropicisleweddings.com/ and http://www.aweddinginstlucia.com/ In the UK, I was an Event Manager, Wedding Planner and photographer Read more [...]

Teach Humanity, not Scripture!

Introduction Why would I write about religion? It's very simple. I find myself living in a world, with historical and current day issues, many of which are detracting to the peaceful existence of us all, and many of which can be blamed upon religion, and particularly, organized faith. Religion divides people and nations, just as politics, skin-colour and nationalism do. For all the good it might do, it stirs up hatred and condemnation of those outside of a particular belief system. Religion has Read more [...]


Dear Argentina,
Please stop breeding. You’ve had a few hundred years, and produced one cheating footballer, several corrupt politicians, an army that couldn’t whip the Smurfs….and no discernible culture of any worth. We’ve tolerated years of bloody “Evita” too….which is crime enough. There are penguins on OUR Falkland Islands that have more personality than anyone you could ever produce…so please…give it up!

Thank you, Ray

PS…Sod off.

St. Lucia Jazz

Dear St Lucia Jazz...please, please...for next years Jazz...leave Boo Hinckson where he belongs....in history. Professional performers don't blame a "fender-bender" for being late to a performance....they simply are not late. Nor do they offer a soul-less personality and performance... My cat gives more musical mastery when I tread on her tail...and her repertoire isn't a rip-off of George Benson. So before you decide you want to keep next years events half-empty....leave Boo in his coffin....and Read more [...]


At a recent wedding…

Woman at wedding: “Hey, aren’t you Simon Le Bon?”
Me: “No, no I’m not”
Waw: “Yes you are!”
Me: “No, really, I’m not”
Waw: “I know it’s you…OMG…it’s you!”
Me: “Ok then, you’re right, it’s me!”
Waw: “…hang on, no it isn’t…it’s MacGuyver”
Me: “Lady, you’re nuts…”
Waw: “I’m NOT!”
Me: “Yes you are….I KNOW you are…!!”



Valentines Doll…!

calls local greeting card store…

“Hi, your ad says “Everything you need for Valentine’s..”
-“Yes, we have cards, toys, teddies, candles”
“Great! I’d like a female, petite, smiley, funny, down to earth…and maybe a little kinky for those moments when I feel a little frisky”
-“Sorry, we don’t sell women”
“But you said “EVERYTHING” I need!”
-“..Goodbye sir!”
“Ok..ok..ok..sorry…listen…how about a blow up one then…?”

The Girl at the Gas Station…

“The Girl at the Gas Station (to be known as “gags”)”…

Ray – “Hi, can you put $50 in please…”
Gags – “uggg”
Ray – “Thanks…”
Gags – “You can take me wid u for 50 more Mr White Man….”
Ray – “(gags…!!) No….lord no…thank you(?)….but no!”
Gags – “F*** you then man!”
Ray – “Look, I said NO already!!”

I got outta there so fast…and I was half way home before I realised I’d forgotten the car!!!


…calls local supermarket…
“Hi, could you tell me…do you sell Brontosaurus?”
“Yes sir….ummm…can you hold on please?…Sir….did you say Brontosaurus?”
“Yes…yes I did…it’s for xmas….”
“Oh, that’s nice…how do you spell it?”
“I’m sorry sir, I don’t think we have it”
“Oh ok then…how about Albatross??!”
“Sorry sir, I’ll have to check…..”

A simple, racist nationalist!

This is absolutely true!  Tonight, on Facebook: Tarah Marty Carla Edward "in my life there's been heart ache and pain i don't know if i can face it again can't stop now i've travelled so far to change this lonely life i wanner know what love is i want you to show me!!!! gonner take alittle time alittle time to look around me....." Ray Hardy Bloody Foreigner....!! Julien Le Guen Ray, we are all foreigner of someone! What you say makes you a racist or just a simple person who is Read more [...]

Scandals!! The Tourism Minister says….”it’s their business….they can do what they want!”

Well folks, the Tourism Minister here in St. Lucia, Mr Allen Chastenet, kindly agreed to appear on a local talk show this evening! Mr. Chastenet is a good man. Honestly, he is. Despite what you may have heard concerning his associations, he is. He's more experienced in tourism and marketing than most here put together. He's one of the few ministers here who can talk freely, without a script, eloquently and concisely. Tonight, live on TV, I asked him why vendors (external service providers) such Read more [...]

Sandals & others…A lack of respect for your wedding?

It’s saddening that on the most important day of a couple’s life, they are often left with no choice as to who gives them, what amount to, the only tangible memories they get to take away from such a special day. Hotels on this island, such as Sandals and Almond Bay make it clear on their sites that "All external vendors are prohibited". So, instead of being allowed to choose who photographs one of the most important days of your life, these hotels enforce a choice upon you. And why? Very Read more [...]

A friend in need…just say nothing…!

You know those times, when something falls out of your mouth, and without looking up, you just know you said the wrong thing! As guys, women spend years telling us to listen. When we offer a retort, we're told "I only wanted you to listen, why'd you answer me? How could you possibly understand?"  So, we get wise, and the next time we listen...we say nothing...smile proudly...and then hear "So, you have nothing to say?". In time, we begin to understand that the rules change every day...and there's Read more [...]

Wedding Image – Jalousie Plantation

There are some incredibly beautiful locations in St. Lucia, both to enjoy and holiday, but also to have your wedding at. Beautiful beaches, gardens and waterfalls make for some stunning images. Of course, as a photographer, I miss England's little villages...rolling greens and beautiful little chapels and churches. But having said that, how many people have wedding photographs in their albums like this one? This image was taken at a wedding at Jalousie Plantation in Soufriere. Between, what Read more [...]

Some silly things that people do and say…

This is absolutely true. No, really, it is! I was enjoying a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine on MSN. You know, the kind of friend who can't program the VCR, fills up a digital camera long before learning how to get the photos out of it...but makes the best lasagna known to man, allegedly! During the course of the conversation, which was via microphones connected to our respective PCs, this friend once again hit the desk and jungle of wires underneath it, causing the microphone to once Read more [...]

Welcome to my…Blog! (I hate that word!)

Well, with all the twittering, people getting "twitted", "twatted" and heaven knows what behind closed doors...I guess it's about time I unleash my thoughts on the world. Actually, I was inspired to do so by a couple of friends, one of whom you can read about here:   http://www.ameelicious.com/  The other, a writer herself, also encouraged me to leap out onto that "edge"! If this is the "edge", then maybe my life is hitting rock-bottom! Anyway...let's hope for anyone reading this...that the Read more [...]