Part 96 – A Painting…

I've always had vivid dreams. I have even seen things in dreams, that later became reality...and I've seen a lot of rubbish too. As a child, I would dream "in metaphors" usually reflecting my sadness as a child...though since my teens, only dreamt of very real situations and people. That was, until last night. I've not been very happy for a while now. I find myself frustrated with a world, full of people, of which the majority are very selfish, ignorant and all too easily lead by the dubious morals Read more [...]

Happy St. Georges Day!

Proud to be English today! Raped, burnt, pillaged and enslaved for 100's of years by Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Libyans etc and ever so slightly by the French (spit!), we rose up! And, we gave the world football, cricket, the world wide web, television, the USA (yes!), cheddar cheese, carbonated drinks, rubber bands, disc brakes, the toothbrush, the Beatles, the Clash, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, photography, chocolate bars, carbon fibre, computers, seed drills, cement, jet engines, tanks, sewing Read more [...]

I’m NOT the Messiah…I’m a very naughty boy…! Part 1

Here is the lesson...and the lesson is...Never Ever tell anyone you are the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!! So, now we're all mindful of "starteth" the lesson...! A few weeks ago, three women came to my gates. I went out to greet them, wondering what they might want, yet dreading what I knew, all too well, was to come... "Good afternoon!" they chorused. "And a good afternoon to you may I be of service ladies?" The usual pained minutes of "small-talk" were endured before Read more [...]

Praying for reward…

For a number of years now, I've had an issue with organized faith, and particularly with the huge displays of hypocrisy that it produces. Today, I've witnessed a post on Facebook which, though seemingly popular with the Christian folks here, absolutely shows the absurdity of a faith based so eagerly on fear and reward. I've covered my distaste for the institutions in another post but want to share this ridiculous video with you. Now, were it not being so celebrated by the "masses of delusion", Read more [...]

Obama’s getting going?

I'm a proud Englishman...but have to admit to experiencing chills up my spine, not only at the amazing voice of Beyonce (even though it turns out she was miming), but also at a President who so openly stands for the rights of all. We have a lot of idiots in society, but to the copious numbers of discriminating and homophobic people, and those who don't believe in climate change etc, Obama just pissed on your bonfire! Read more [...]

Sharia Extremists…Vigilantes!!

This was posted today by The Commentator.... "Thugs masquerading as 'Muslim Patrols' have been accosting residents in London, demanding they abide by the laws of what they deem a 'Muslim area'" So, it appears these guys are roaming parts of East London... vandalizing and bullying passers-by for wearing inappropriate clothing or what they have self-proclaimed as a "muslim area". Presumably...if you were stoning your daughter to death, or beheading small children, or infidels, Read more [...]

My Life – Part 5 – “Fish fingers…and fried leg…”

So, here I was, a couple of years a shabby mobile home, plagued by strange men in large black shoes, and a grandmother who blew so much smoke into my face that I thought it was always foggy in Devon! Plus, I was having the aforementioned nightmares that haunted not only my sleep, but many of my waking hours too. But there was one glorious moment at that time, that I've never forgotten. Just outside of the kitchen window, was a tree, all bare as I remember...and sitting in the branches Read more [...]

Blessed to give….or receive?!

So there I was, checking my email...when I see I'm "tagged" in a post on Fakebook... The post is by a girl I know who does make-up for some brides I've an acquaintance more than a friend. She's around 30 yrs old.  She also happens to be BIG into her faith, quoting scripture etc moral values are clearly important... She writes... "Hello Everyone!! I have decided to put a short gift list together, for my birthday on January 17th. This year is really special to Read more [...]

New Year’s Honours…Seriously?

Once a year, the Queen of England lists her names of those people "honoured" in terms of  their personal achievements or service to the British Empire or it's territories. "Candidates are identified by public or private bodies, by government departments or are nominated by members of the public. Depending on their roles, those people selected by committee are submitted either to the Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, or Secretary of State for Defence for Read more [...]

My Life – Part 4 – “Small spaces…”

So, this is where my own memories really begin. As an infant, I'd often be  found outside, in the same pram, which since my downhill escapade, I'd fitted with an escape pod! My first memory is actually a smell. A fence on the site was being painted, and the smell of the creosote has been an association I've made ever since. I'm not sure why I was placed so close to the fence...but maybe it was in the hope that I might be overcome with fumes!? Now of course, for my mother, looking to escape the Read more [...]

My Life- Part 3 – “All downhill from here…”

So, despite handcuffing myself to the bed-rails, and gluing my feet to the mother eventually got to take me home from the hospital. She had a caravan in Mill-On-The-Mole...a mobile home site, just outside of South Molton in Devon. I didn't remember much about the place in later years, having really just seen some old black and white photos of it. Years later, I visited the site, and was amazed to find it was actually all in full colour...!! My mother was 17, and resented me from birth. Read more [...]

Hypocrisy, discrimination…and double-standards!

As you may have read in "The Cause...and the Effect...", there are times when you really have to wonder about the intelligence of some people! It started with a simple thread on Facebook, and quickly became a verbal assault on me personally by a woman, who really demonstrated her own ignorance and total lack of lateral thought. But then, she was joined by another woman, who sought to show the world that her level of stupidity wasn't to be ignored either!! Quite asides from a complete ignorance Read more [...]

Freedom of Speech….to Freedom of Expression…

I believe in Freedom of Speech. The fact that you can say anything, about anything, is the core of a democratic society, where such opinions can lead to change of a policy, message and quality of life. Of course, if I don’t agree with what may be said by someone about something, I’ll likely attempt to poke that person in the eye and question their parentage…because I also strongly believe in Freedom of Expression…

The Cause…and the Effect…!!

Free a wonderful thing. We can use it to make others aware of causes, issues and situations that may concern them. Social media, as a public platform, is the most popular way to publicize those thoughts and opinions. Of course, in doing so, we run the risk of "ruffling a few feathers"...! And when those who lose control, particularly when they lack either the information or intelligence to discuss an issue in a mature manner, get so can actually help to highlight an issue...and Read more [...]

Mentoring…young minds are dangerous…!!

We all know that guiding and nurturing children is paramount , not only to their development, but also to the future of the world in which we live. Dragging their satchels, rucksacks and coats down the street, are future doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers...and of course, drunks, women-beaters, politicians and thieves! So, it's important when possible, to offer guidance to young minds, to encourage them to think laterally about themselves, their world and their futures. That's where mentoring Read more [...]

Politicians…for the greater good?

In many countries, we breed nations, nations that comprise individuals who emulate a greed, selfishness and lack of moral values, seen so readily in their parents or peers. Very few individuals truly aspire to better the world in which they live. Even fewer have the courage to stand up and even tell the truth, yet alone make a decision for good, rather than for financial, personal or political gain. Then we give the vote to a majority of people who are as easily manipulated by politicians, as they Read more [...]

Hot…or not?!

In India, the land that brought us the Kama Sutra and great curry dishes...things have recently warmed up. And yet, not for either of those two afore-mentioned inventions! By the way…for real “hot” sex…I never found the two to combine terribly well…unless of course you’re particularly adventurous…and in case you do try, it’s always advisable to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand! Indian women have always suffered a huge social pressure. This is a country where virginity is Read more [...]

Fakebook…not so good for local “artistes” or starving children!

Social Media is a wonderful thing. You can find old friends, make new ones...or keep in touch with those not worth the price of a phone-call or visit..! It's really a reflection of the society we've created. For example, over the past couple of weeks, I've seen posts  by a couple of local "artistes". Between them, they have over 8000 "friends". Yet each are struggling to have these "friends" support their endeavours in the music industry. One has to literally plead with her fans to simply Read more [...]

“Legitimate Rape”…oh…of course!

Currently the leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat of Missouri, and backed by the Tea Party, Mr. Todd Akin is an anti-abortionist. When asked in an interview today on TV if "he would like abortion to be banned even if a pregnancy was the result of rape?", he actually answered... "It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." Oh, well that's great! And there Read more [...]