All about Ray Hardy…!

So, about me…yikes…! Well, I live on the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Originally from the UK, I came here to live back in late 2002, and am now a citizen.
Professionally, I’m a photographer and wedding planner with my own businesses which is the photographic side, with wedding planning at these sites: and

In the UK, I was an Event Manager, Wedding Planner and photographer amongst other things, though only after I realised that the world wasn’t looking for musketeers!! I remember the Careers Officer at school looking terribly confused when I said that, particularly given that the preceding 300 kids wanted to drive trucks or have babies! My parents were just happy that I knew how to program the video recorder!

Personally, I’m a musician, writing and recording my own songs as well as producing music for corporate/TV productions. I’ve also played in bands, my own and others, played sessions as well as producing. Given the little spare time I seem to get already…this blog may perish if my musical flow flourishes! It’s really a great release!

Other than that, I love animals. I have the usual dog/cat combination…though I added a goat too, who as I write this…is actually curled up on the sofa watching Sherlock Holmes…which is my cue to go…”Oi Sherlock…this ain’t elementary pal…how the hell did she get in!!?”

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