A simple, racist nationalist!

This is absolutely true!  Tonight, on Facebook:

Tarah Marty Carla Edwardin my life there’s been heart ache and pain i don’t know if i can face it again can’t stop now i’ve travelled so far to change this lonely life i wanner know what love is i want you to show me!!!! gonner take alittle time alittle time to look around me…..”

Ray Hardy
Bloody Foreigner….!!
Julien Le Guen
Ray, we are all foreigner of someone!
What you say makes you a racist or just a simple person who is not able to see the difference between roots and soul.
We have all to learn about foreigner .
I hate nationalist . Be proud where you from but not close minded . What ever ! I just have enough to read those kind of stupid things
Ray Hardy
LOL! All that sea air has moistened your brain! Rest your roots and your soul Julien! I’m neither racist, simple nor nationalist. “Foreigner” is the name of the band who wrote the lyrics to the song that Tarah posted. Perhaps YOU need to learn about Foreigner!! Next time, think about the accusation, BEFORE you write it.

I’m available 24/7 for your apology.

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