Success – The need to be “The Best”

We hear a lot from folks who want to be “the best”. I think there’s some narcissistic tendency on the part of those folks…to need the gratification that comes from such external praising. To be the best, you need to be considered the best. But, by who? There are photographers I know here, who produce terrible work: cheesy, bad composition, over-saturated and just plain awful! But, on their Facebook page, some of their 5000 followers will like the latest offering by the hundreds. But, it says nothing really. You’re hoping that those hundreds of people have any discernible qualities regarding their own abilities to recognize quality. 44 million people just voted for Trump…would we regard each and every one of those people capable of recognizing quality too?
Very simply, I believe success isn’t about being the “best”, it’s about consistently meeting the expectations of your clients, and if you can, exceeding them, and ¬†for no other reason that to bring satisfaction.

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