Cellular Dating

You know, we hear a lot about women, bemoaning men for not paying them enough attention, not sparing them time, not listening…and more often than not, treating them like some kind of convenience. I’d like to say that I’ve rarely received those complaints personally, though none of us are perfect!

But in the past few years, as a single guy…I’ve been contacted and befriended by potential suitors. And here’s a typical entry into the dialogue:

“Do you have bbm or an android or iphone? Gmail chat on your phone?”

My answer is “No, none of the above.” Now, I have 2 cell phones, land-line, email, Facebook messaging, Skype….the list is endless…so why would you think these weren’t good enough?

The answer is simple. Some women today, simply want you to be available at a time they choose…no discussion, no plan…just when they want! (And yes, perhaps some men do too….just to appease those feminist readers!).

Well ladies…you can sod off! I’m not going to be a convenience as I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be either…so don’t be surprised when you don’t hear from me again! If you want to spare some time, have a chat, have a laugh, cultivate a relationship…I’m sure you can find time in your day to do so…if it were to mean that much to you. Because, if you’re looking for convenience with one of these phones…then it’s likely the guy you’re talking to is also…and heaven forbid a woman should be little more than a convenience!


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