Happy St. Georges Day!

Proud to be English today! Raped, burnt, pillaged and enslaved for 100’s of years by Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Libyans etc and ever so slightly by the French (spit!), we rose up! And, we gave the world football, cricket, the world wide web, television, the USA (yes!), cheddar cheese, carbonated drinks, rubber bands, disc brakes, the toothbrush, the Beatles, the Clash, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, photography, chocolate bars, carbon fibre, computers, seed drills, cement, jet engines, tanks, sewing machines, the pencil, fish and chips, pancakes, gravy, toasters, prams, stainless steel, curry, smallpox vaccine, viagra, modern nursing, baseball, publishing/printing, trains, ice hockey, the adjustable wrench, the theory of evolution…and the English language…amongst a million other things!

I think we invented the Chinese… 6000 years ago…probably around Stonehenge…some one said “What about these little guys over there…the small guys with the small genitals…what should we do with them?” And lo and behold, someone said “Ship ’em to that place where we keep all the fireworks…”!

And all the French could manage… was bad breath!

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