Syria, it’s government and various tribes of Islamics have been attempting to blow themselves off the face of the planet for 18 months now…and given that the world thinks that killing children with gas…is so much worse than with 50cal bullets(!)…everyone’s finally getting involved. It’s the same story…the US trying to get Russia and China to do good…but they won’t because┬áChina and Russia veto everything. Why? Because they are the ones selling these international crooks the weapons in the first place! Putin, who has no business talking about anyone’s human rights, will simply supply Assad again anyway, and doesn’t want to lose such a big customer. Obama is seeking support from an electorate, many of whom voted for a Mormon who thinks his “god” lives on a planet no-one can even see…so is wasting his time looking for educated votes. In any case, the USA needs to stop policing the world and fall in line with the UN. The UN will fumble along as usual, whilst more innocents are killed, just like they have done with Mugabe and others. In the end, Islam will win…because you’re trying to get an area of the world to show sanity…where none has existed for thousands of years.

And now we wait on the plan to remove the chemical weapons…so…the Syrians will be left with shells, bullets, explosives…gosh…how humanitarian to kill women and children so compassionately! Oh, and let’s not forget rope and knives…how else will the soldiers of Islam manage to chop off all those heads?

What a ridiculous world we tolerate.


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