Repatriation for all?!

There are times when we see things on Facebook, that make us scream, laugh, be enraged…or like this…troubled! Now, we thankfully live in a world of free speech…and it’s easy to just judge this kind of ranting. The gentleman believes his peoples, those of African Origin…are the true “Israelites”…which is fine…though a pointless statement given how may of his people have any intention or lust to actually go live in Africa! But wanting to evict Israeli’s from their own homeland, then everyone else too…has for years…led many to the ranks of ethnic cleansing. Again…why should we care what one man says? Well, it’s simple…

He’s a teacher at a local school, and his pupils…get to read things like this..because they’re his friends too.



Thankfully, I don’t have children…but if you think children couldn’t possibly attain any ignorance and hatred from the “sacred teacher”…think again!



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