Miss America – When All That’s Seen…is Skin Colour…

As I talked about, in a piece called Tribal Instincts, we sadly live in a world where the majority of people are happiest dividing themselves into groups. For centuries, people have divided by religion, politics, colour, gender, creed, sports teams and nation etc. Of course, some look for that elusive “peace and goodwill to all”, but it’s like the best philosophy…no use at all, unless everyone shares the dream.

One of the most ridiculous of these devices that divide us, is colour. Something as crazy as the colour of our skin has allowed peoples to hate, resent, enslave, war against and gang up….for centuries now…and it’s getting tiresome, to say the least. It’s become so crazy, that these days, racism has, in many cases, become inverted due to an anger and resentment held by so many, who if they only stopped to think, would realize that they themselves are just perpetuating the hate. You never stop anyone discriminating against you, by discriminating against them too…you educate, you teach, you demonstrate…and at the very least…you set an example, make an effort to be “better than that”. Division and segregation are after all, what so many were protesting against in the first place.

The biggest sadness…is the inability of so many to see past that colour…to embrace the qualities of someone, no matter what colour or shade they happen to be. ┬áNo-one is born racist…it’s another thing that a society teaches the weak, and so easily instilled in those severely hampered by a lack of intelligence and compassion.

It’s contemptible of course, that any racism exists, particularly the institutionalized racism that has been so prevalent in countries like the US, Russia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. This is something I plan to attack, no…discuss…later!

Last week, the Miss America competition was won by a beautiful, intellligent and compassionate girl, an American of Indian descent. Almost immediately, Nina Davuluri was attacked by persons of all colours in her own country and called some disgusting names. Now apparently, she’s not as American as apple pie…but then who is? Firstly, according to all the best evidence…every single person on the planet originated somewhere in East Africa. Secondly, there are countless countries where emigration and slavery over centuries has led to nations of many people of differing ethnic origin…and consequently…colour. Do some Americans really need that lesson? Do we need to mention the Native American tribes? I suspect we probably do…sadly.

Miss America

Personally, I’m English…and like many…thanks to slavery and invasions, I may have Roman, French, German or Scandinavian ancestry…who knows? And frankly…who the hell cares?!! Aren’t we all human after all? Nina Davuluri is going to rise above the nonsense too, and use her position to teach “unity in diversity”, something that even Star Trek has tried to preach for decades! So let’s hope she’s not just gazing hopefully to the heavens!

Simply, unless we do something about the number of ignorant people in society, and the fact they become parents and teachers…and teach their stupidity to the youth…it’s unlikely to ever change any time soon. But perhaps if we could simply accept that history has dealt some awful cards to many peoples over time, but that given time, and common sense, the situation could be better if we were simply able to ignore the colour of a person’s skin…we might all find that “peace”…in a simple appreciation that we are all one humanity underneath it all?

Of course, we very often find ourselves at a loss when trying to educate those who simply refuse to listen. Some revel in the unity that a shared hatred brings…celebrating in a unified venom…that few if any animals even display. And when a lack of patience over-awes our diplomacy, we find ourselves resorting to “shocking” fools with blatant, yet obvious facts…and let’s face it…this is where I shine…!

So, for those white “Americans” whose own origins are English, Spanish, Irish, Italian etc, and who find the dark colour of an intelligent and beautiful woman, so distasteful….why not try this? Just imagine she’s white! After all…you’ve been doing it for years when it comes to the guy who taught you your high moral ground…you know who I mean…yep…that’s right…Jesus!


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