Motivational Techniques – An Illustration!

Today, I spotted a post from someone who looks to encourage others to achieve the impossible. In this case, it’s about losing weight and getting fit. Now, as a person with a slight growth in the “tummy area”…I can relate to the frustrations of excess poundage where once a sizzling six-pack resided. I’m also renowned for having less than a politically-correct sense of humour…but even to me…the image posted, see below, is pushing the limits of acceptable taste in humour!!

Ice Cube Getting Fit..!


Accompanying the post was the following:

“Do you put your big dreams on hold because it’s Friday evening or the weekend? What’s your big dream? What’s that one thing you’re consistently working toward, despite the day of the week?”

You could easily change that to:

“Are you a psychotic lump of ice? Do you dream about 1500 people drowning in icy waters? Do you aspire to mass-murder? Good for you…because nothing is impossible to the mind that desires strongly enough!”

I guess motivation can come from any level…!



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