Praying for reward…

For a number of years now, I’ve had an issue with organized faith, and particularly with the huge displays of hypocrisy that it produces. Today, I’ve witnessed a post on Facebook which, though seemingly popular with the Christian folks here, absolutely shows the absurdity of a faith based so eagerly on fear and reward.

I’ve covered my distaste for the institutions in another post but want to share this ridiculous video with you. Now, were it not being so celebrated by the “masses of delusion”, I might not share the moment with you. But one of the things I despise about these cults, are the way they encourage young children to take on faith, purely out of fear or reward. “Be a good boy or you’ll burn in the fires of hell”, or “If you stop crying, come to church now….then mummy will take you for ice cream”… I wonder why “bribery” wasn’t mentioned in the 10 commandments….but then it’s no surprise given the same bible doesn’t condemn rape or slavery either!

One such mother posting this garbage, recently spent a week in a hotel with a man, who wasn’t her boyfriend, and therefore, not the man with whom she enjoyed morning prayers with on a beach. No, this man she had planned to marry wasn’t aware at all, having been lied to…by this woman of such emphatic faith! Shock! Horror! And the man in Chicago, with whom she shared a hotel room for a week, obviously wasn’t aware either as she feared such a revelation might “poison” her trip! Some good old selfless Christianity? No…not really!

Now that may be a petty example, but it’s typical of the hypocrisy you find, and by people who have children. If you are going to use faith as your “moral” code, then it’s imperative for the child, that you should do so without flaw.

So, watch if you will, some poor dogs being bribed into prayer with the promise of food…


Now, looking at this picture, the dog is no doubt praying that his steak is medium rare, and the child is likely to be praying that his local priest will refrain from fondling him on Sunday!

And here is my point. Is it really something to be proud of, that your child has inherited a faith based upon an instilled fear, or the promise of reward?

Given that you can train an animal to lie down, stand up, roll over…and now pray…when either rewarded with food, or punished with starvation if it doesn’t obey…this is hardly proof of faith! Yet this is exactly how so many people raise their children…bribery, with a pious dose of fear   to ensure this vile indoctrination!!

I suspect it’s once again time for their “God” to roll his eyes, hang his head…and wonder how in his world, did the message of “goodwill to all” be so utterly compromised. But dear lord, there’s no need to crucify yourself over this…in any case…I just trained my dogs to eat the self-serving, double-standard variety of Christian, in return for a double portion of smoked may I be rewarded too?




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  1. Jonathan Kite, says we have a lot in common, so I sent you a FB request, keep up the rants,,,, Like your site, beliefs and faiths bollocks, based on no facts what-so-ever,
    gutless,,,,, brain dead ,,,,, brain washed,,,,, people have them.

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