Welcome to my…Blog! (I hate that word!)

Well, with all the twittering, people getting “twitted”, “twatted” and heaven knows what behind closed doors…I guess it’s about time I unleash my thoughts on the world. Actually, I was inspired to do so by a couple of friends, one of whom you can read about here:   http://www.ameelicious.com/  The other, a writer herself, also encouraged me to leap out onto that “edge”! If this is the “edge”, then maybe my life is hitting rock-bottom!

Anyway…let’s hope for anyone reading this…that the faith and encouragement were worthwhile! Perhaps more importantly, let’s hope someone, somewhere gets inspired to comment!

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3 Replies to “Welcome to my…Blog! (I hate that word!)”

  1. That is soo sweet RAY..I am linking your blog..tell me if you mind tho… because I know some people want theirs anonymous and blah blah blah…

    😉 Welcome to the CLUBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB my blogging budddy!!!

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