Hypocrisy, discrimination…and double-standards!

As you may have read in “The Cause…and the Effect…”, there are times when you really have to wonder about the intelligence of some people! It started with a simple thread on Facebook, and quickly became a verbal assault on me personally by a woman, who really demonstrated her own ignorance and total lack of lateral thought.


But then, she was joined by another woman, who sought to show the world that her level of stupidity wasn’t to be ignored either!! Quite asides from a complete ignorance to the point I had originally been making, she even made unfounded accusations herself…and just showed no clue whatsoever as to the facts. And just as before, resorted to discrimination when her argument became flawed.

(Dianne, the fact is people DO fly DJs, hairdressers, guitarists and photographers from state to state, even country to country to be at their weddings. The people who recently cancelled Morgan Bay are now going to Antigua…and flying me there to photograph it…nuff said! As for me “starting” this issue, well…the hotels clearly state this policy on their own websites…so I’m not sure what your reasoning was there!)

The facts behind all of this are frankly, well, tiresome…so I’ll skip to the whole point of this post…!

You see, the first, stated her contempt for ex-pats, going so far as to make racial comments before sinking to the depths of simple personal insults. The second too, stating her issues with ex-pats taking jobs on her island, made her position clear.

As we all know, the world is full of ex-pats! People work, study and live in many different countries other than their own. A few hundred ex-pats from the UK/US/Germany live and work here in St. Lucia, and tens of thousands of St. Lucians currently study, live and work in countries all over the world. I should also point out, that despite being born in the UK, I’ve been a citizen here for many years now.

So, “where’s the hypocrisy?”…I hear you say!

Well, and here’s when you’ll say “OMG!…SMH!”, you see, the first of these wonderful examples of womanhood(!)…lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. And the second, studied in Maryland, works in Maryland…has family all over North America…children…even step-children to be!!

Yes…they are ex-pats, with ex-pat family….condemning…ummm…ex-pats!! Well, let’s not accuse either of not excelling at something!! 10 out of 10 ladies…well done!

Ok, so I’m “arguing with idiots”…and “what’s the point?”, I hear you shout!

Well, sadly, we have to exist in a world populated in part by (and yes, I’m sinking to their level here!)…ignorant morons such as these two…then perhaps it’s our duty to point out such idiotic hypocrisy in the hope they might think twice in future? You never know, it may make the world a slightly nicer place to be.

But then again, when so-called “educated” idiots like these two actually breed…and pass on their poison to their offspring…you really have to wonder where the hope for the future lies.


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