Politicians…for the greater good?

In many countries, we breed nations, nations that comprise individuals who emulate a greed, selfishness and lack of moral values, seen so readily in their parents or peers. Very few individuals truly aspire to better the world in which they live. Even fewer have the courage to stand up and even tell the truth, yet alone make a decision for good, rather than for financial, personal or political gain. Then we give the vote to a majority of people who are as easily manipulated by politicians, as they are by priests. And when you take candidates from a population, vastly inherent with greed and selfishness, you’re going to struggle to find the greater good in any of them.

We are often delusional, expecting an individual, deprived of basic moral values, to rise from the masses and suddenly become a beacon of hope for all! How many times do we see people abuse positions of power and influence, rather than make a change for good? As with crime, politics and the other social ills, we need to look at the values we live by in society, the values we instill in our children…which is the problem…because let’s be honest, too many morons are breeding too many morons. Then, too many of those morons are teaching children, too many morons listen to too many ill-informed preachers, too many morons become politicians…and the world goes on….

And that’s the problem, our society breeds so few truly “good” people, we are governed by a majority, politically and religiously, for whom selflessness is a quality rarely seen.

The greater good…? Not in the world we created.

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