Hot…or not?!

In India, the land that brought us the Kama Sutra and great curry dishes…things have recently warmed up. And yet, not for either of those two afore-mentioned inventions! By the way…for real “hot” sex…I never found the two to combine terribly well…unless of course you’re particularly adventurous…and in case you do try, it’s always advisable to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand!

Indian women have always suffered a huge social pressure. This is a country where virginity is practically seen as a sacred thing…but promiscuity is a pleasure enjoyed in every society, including this one. Though the women of India are becoming ever-more liberated, the stigma of their sex lives is still something they prefer to be secretive about.
Now, it’s not being suggested that men can tell if a woman is “pure” just by how small her cavities may be. But, in the alleged interest of “empowering women” and perhaps enhancing their own self image…there is a huge welcome for “18 Again” in India…the cream that “Rejuvenates & Tightens” the female genitalia.

Now, let’s not lose the importance of this issue and simply reduce this to an excuse to make jokes about women I may have known….oh wait…nah….let’s do it!!

There are ways to deal with loose genitalia on women. You might try using a larger penis for example. I’ve never personally needed this solution….but I’d have thought it was probably a good idea…if not a little difficult to purchase…! Or, why not try putting a couple of drops of superglue in your strawberry lube!? And in really serious cases, you can simply tie a large rope around your waist…and secure the other end to a nearby tree…so in the event you do fall in, you can simply pull yourself out!

And let’s state facts….there are plenty of women who could buy this stuff by the bucket…and Mitt Romney will find his way to the Planet Kolob, before some of these fine ladies discover they’ve tightened anything!

The question on my lips, (no, those lips), when I read this was “Is there a similar cream for the mouth too?”! I can tolerate a slack genital condition….because, let’s face it, big mouths cause much greater distress! Yes, a cream for the mouth that reduces sentences to three words, none of which are “off”, and none that equate to prolonged nagging…now that would be a much greater invention!

You see…some of us guys don’t care about the genital elasticity, or otherwise, of the vaginal temple of pleasure! What some of us prefer is humour, intelligence, a sense of fun, honesty, loyalty and truth…and not being picked on!! Now…THAT…would be HOT!

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