Fakebook…not so good for local “artistes” or starving children!

Social Media is a wonderful thing. You can find old friends, make new ones…or keep in touch with those not worth the price of a phone-call or visit..! It’s really a reflection of the society we’ve created.

For example, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen posts ┬áby a couple of local “artistes”. Between them, they have over 8000 “friends”. Yet each are struggling to have these “friends” support their endeavours in the music industry.

One has to literally plead with her fans to simply “like” her videos, a task so easy…it involves a “click”…and could mean she would get great international exposure. It could be a reflection of the quality of her work, her ego….or just her personality. Whatever the reasons, it’s heartbreaking to put so much into your passion, and be so unappreciated by those you’d expect more from. But then, that’s what the majority of these “friends” do best…they disappoint and rarely live up to our expectations…it’s that kind of selfishness that we’re all turning into such an art I guess.

The other has just resorted to asking 3000 friends to “put their money where their mouths are” and download his new album! Strangely, I’ve just scoured the internet, and despite this album and the last, released in 2004, being readily available for purchase, I can’t find a single review! As is typical for so many “artistes” these days, it’s a tough world to compete in, without the support of real friends. Surely a couple of them might have thought it would be a nice thing to do? Though in this case, the “friends” do actually have to spend money, a whole 10 quid(!)…and perhaps that is pushing the limits of the friendship just too damned far?!

For myself, I have a photography page, and only 53 of my 300 friends have bothered to simply click the “like” button. Two very talented young writers here with thousands of “friends” between them, can barely get any of them to like or read their respective blogs.

Perhaps we’re not worth the “click”….perhaps we’re rubbish, or maybe our self-promotion is annoying to many?! Perhaps there’s a jealousy? This has sadly become typical in society…many of us hate to see people be better than us!! Oh yes, we’ll support and encourage, because it’s so easy to be fake and not remotely genuine! And when the lucky few do achieve…you can be sure people are ready to drag them down again! In the case of the two local artistes, it appears they’re being dragged back down before they even reach the second rung of the ladder.

Where these “friends” come from is another post in itself. The short answer is that as jealous or fake as people can be, some still want the “association” of having a small part in the life of society’s “movers and shakers”. Celebrity, politics and faith…are a great way of uniting…feeling a part of something bigger than just yourself. I’m surprised it’s not a psychological condition…because it shows a need in many of us which frankly, I find disturbing.

You can post an article on rape in society. You can look to bring attention to the worlds problems such as the 27,000,000 million slaves still currently suffering in the world, or the starvation, hunger and lack of global human rights…the list goes on. And as we see so often…you’ll barely get an acknowledgement.

Oh, and let’s not forget the pictures of the starving children…which may well raise awareness…but then let’s make it clear that just “liking” the post…doesn’t solve the problem…it just makes the fake population feel like it did something worthy.

But heaven forbid we should do that…because we’re now taught that being “positive” is the salvation of this world…which roughly translates to “bullshit”.

So…put up a picture of Justin Bieber in a passionate embrace with a raccoon, images of Rihanna pounded half to hell by a man (whose records are still bought in the millions by a clearly forgiving public), or some funny cartoon featuring a dog and a vacuum cleaner…and you’ll get 148,000 “likes” and 80,000 “shares”!!

We live in a world sorely lacking in honour and honesty…why not take it back? It’s as simple as clicking a button…

…just tell the truth!!



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