“Legitimate Rape”…oh…of course!

Currently the leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat of Missouri, and backed by the Tea Party, Mr. Todd Akin is an anti-abortionist. When asked in an interview today on TV if “he would like abortion to be banned even if a pregnancy was the result of rape?”, he actually answered…

Todd Akin (Moron)

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare.¬†If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Oh, well that’s great! And there we all were thinking that all rape was bad!! And, it’s so good to know that evolution has moved women’s bodies so far as to tell the difference…! (For those folks who needed to know…that was sarcasm by the way!)

What an idiot this man is! Rape is Rape! End of story!! Thankfully, just about the whole world has stated its disgust at this man…and he’s lost $5 million US in GOP funding.

And typically he’s backtracked….as any politician would….because, apparently, he used the “wrong words in the wrong order”…

But where do these guys come from? The Republicans have a long trail of moronic candidates. Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin….the list goes on. Worse still…they often use the Bible to justify their stances, and manipulate the voters. The jury is still out on whether the Bible truly condemns or condones rape…and like so many other issues…it’s down to interpretation. Thankfully though, whether or not this guy should keep quiet in future, is a clear cut fact…and indisputable!

But think about it, ¬†people like this actually breed…which is at least as good an argument for abortion as you’ll ever find…


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