A Wedding in St. Lucia…a good idea?

There’s very little in life that’s more difficult than finding that special person with whom to spend the rest of your life. We each have criteria, an idea of that perfect person. Some people search, seemingly endlessly, and the lucky ones, find each other like it was always meant to be! Sometimes, it feels a million miles away, but when you do find that person, you know it! That person’s your best friend, your confidante, the love you never dreamed possible. Suddenly, life seems better in so many ways! And eventually, there comes a time to make that everlasting commitment to each other in a way that’s as special as the love you share. But…where to do it?

Close your eyes…and let your imagination run wild for a while. You can hear the waves pour gently over the sand, smell the air, clean and cool. You can see the beautiful blue sky, the amazing turquoise Caribbean Sea, feel the fresh breeze through the palm trees…see as the sun illuminates the most beautiful colors as a backdrop to your wonderful day. Imagine walking barefoot down the beach, standing next to your best friend, feeling the sand melt around your toes…looking into their eyes and feeling a peace you never thought possible for your wedding day…

Well, that’s where life makes things a little easier for you!

A wedding in St. Lucia is all of those things and so much more. It’s unique, easy, affordable and just about as beautiful place to marry as is possible to find. Whether just the two of you, or with friends and family, you have a rare opportunity to have a wedding that you’ll be able to cherish for the rest of your lives. And yes, it really can be that easy too! But…how to plan it?

Again, it’s easy! St. Lucia has a multitude of hotels and independent wedding planners offering weddings in many different and stunning locations around St. Lucia. Take a look at the St. Lucia Tourist Board website and check out forums such as Trip Advisor and The Knot where you can get first hand reports from other couples who chose St. Lucia as their wedding destination. It’s important to talk to the actual planner on the telephone as well as emailing, the personal contact should result in you feeling a lot more confidant in how your day will be.

You’ll be able to choose to have your special day at your resort, on a beach, by a waterfall, in an historic national park, in a tropical garden, or even on a boat! Your planner will send you ideas for your day and you can discuss options such as flowers, musicians, cake etc to really make your day as wonderful as possible. And remember, it’s your day, a day you’ll do once in your lives, so make your own dreams a reality!

A wedding in St. Lucia
image by Ray Hardy

And just because the wedding is a long way from home, you can still bring those close friends or family. Your planner, hotel or travel agent will be able to supply you with a list of hotels and accommodation suitable for your guests. Or like many others, you may decide to come here alone, or with a smaller group of your closest friends or relatives, and just have a reception when you get home to which everyone can be invited.

Before the day, your planner will ensure all the legal aspects are in place. Ideally, your wedding should be planned with most details arranged and finalized at least 1-3 months prior to your arrival on the island. That gives you the precious time up until the trip, to get excited!

Once you arrive on the island, you’ll meet with your wedding planner, sign the appropriate documents with a lawyer and go through the details of your day.

As a celebration, your wedding in St. Lucia can have endless possibilities too. You could consider a cruise around the island on one of the many stunning trips available. There are rides through the rainforests, scuba diving, horse riding. All these and many other activities can really make the trip special for yourselves and your guests. After the wedding, how about a meal at one of the many extraordinary restaurants, a beach barbeque where you can eat and dance as the sun sets, a sunset cruise, a romantic meal for two at the hotel? The choice is always yours.

And that’s what makes a wedding in St. Lucia so special. Back home, it’s easy for weddings to be very stressful, too easy for you to remember your day for all the wrong reasons. In St. Lucia, there’s something about the beauty, the tranquility, the pace of life which combine to give you a day it’s easy to treasure.

As a photographer and planner here, there’s nothing more gratifying than the thanks and appreciation I receive from my clients whose faith and trust was placed in me. And those memories, those photos, should always be wonderful enough to last for a lifetime. And with a wedding here in St. Lucia, that’s easy too. Here in St. Lucia, you can have the most romantic of weddings, have lots of fun too and when people ask you how your wedding day was, you can turn and smile, and say…. “Simply Beautiful!”

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