Some silly things that people do and say…

This is absolutely true. No, really, it is! I was enjoying a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine on MSN. You know, the kind of friend who can’t program the VCR, fills up a digital camera long before learning how to get the photos out of it…but makes the best lasagna known to man, allegedly! During the course of the conversation, which was via microphones connected to our respective PCs, this friend once again hit the desk and jungle of wires underneath it, causing the microphone to once again fade out. When I say once again, I mean the 237th time this month…so with gritted teeth, I say…”I can’t hear you”…and “nope…still can’t hear you…”

16 replies of “Can you hear me now?”…quiet enough to only be heard with my ear attached to the loudest speakers in the house…I yell out “Just kick something!” And bingo…my friend “passed go” and collected 200 bucks! Having been slightly deafened by the scream of success…”Wow…what did you kick?” I asked…

…and the reply came…”the box thing…with the CDs in it”!!!! That’ll be the PC then!

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