Kanye & Bobbi VS 21 Children dead every minute…

Typically of the media, and it's financial need to appeal to the lowest common denominator amongst the populous...we are deluged in stories that really have no business being in the domain of a truly empathetic society. Yep, here comes Kanye again, dragging himself out from under the fat arse of the social whore he chose to represent the true values he apparently claims. Frankly, even as a musician, I have no interest in the Grammy awards or any other awards come to that. These award ceremonies Read more [...]

Beauty Pageants

So...it's been mentioned that as a photographer...I am supposedĀ to be more conscious and apparently appreciative of those things in life that we call "beautiful". And yes, nature, some architecture and often, people too...are all things that can inspire a like or lust within. But, all too often, these contests are contrived and lack those spontaneous moments that create a joy in our appreciation. Without even addressing the concerns of women and girls being paraded like cattle...to be judged, scored Read more [...]