MLK…a lesson poorly learnt?

When people look back and cherish the memory of Martin Luther King, and all the things he said and stood for...they may want to picture his disappointment. Because, when they then encourage and support bigotry and racism, when celebrating Facebook Groups, companies, businesses and TV channels with the word "black" in the title (purely as a way to discriminate)....the good doctor must roll in his grave in shame. There are other ways to celebrate a unity, but encouraging this poisoning Read more [...]

Part 96 – A Painting…

I've always had vivid dreams. I have even seen things in dreams, that later became reality...and I've seen a lot of rubbish too. As a child, I would dream "in metaphors" usually reflecting my sadness as a child...though since my teens, only dreamt of very real situations and people. That was, until last night. I've not been very happy for a while now. I find myself frustrated with a world, full of people, of which the majority are very selfish, ignorant and all too easily lead by the dubious morals Read more [...]