New Year’s Honours…Seriously?

Once a year, the Queen of England lists her names of those people "honoured" in terms of  their personal achievements or service to the British Empire or it's territories. "Candidates are identified by public or private bodies, by government departments or are nominated by members of the public. Depending on their roles, those people selected by committee are submitted either to the Prime Minister, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, or Secretary of State for Defence for Read more [...]

My Life – Part 4 – “Small spaces…”

So, this is where my own memories really begin. As an infant, I'd often be  found outside, in the same pram, which since my downhill escapade, I'd fitted with an escape pod! My first memory is actually a smell. A fence on the site was being painted, and the smell of the creosote has been an association I've made ever since. I'm not sure why I was placed so close to the fence...but maybe it was in the hope that I might be overcome with fumes!? Now of course, for my mother, looking to escape the Read more [...]

My Life- Part 3 – “All downhill from here…”

So, despite handcuffing myself to the bed-rails, and gluing my feet to the mother eventually got to take me home from the hospital. She had a caravan in Mill-On-The-Mole...a mobile home site, just outside of South Molton in Devon. I didn't remember much about the place in later years, having really just seen some old black and white photos of it. Years later, I visited the site, and was amazed to find it was actually all in full colour...!! My mother was 17, and resented me from birth. Read more [...]

Hypocrisy, discrimination…and double-standards!

As you may have read in "The Cause...and the Effect...", there are times when you really have to wonder about the intelligence of some people! It started with a simple thread on Facebook, and quickly became a verbal assault on me personally by a woman, who really demonstrated her own ignorance and total lack of lateral thought. But then, she was joined by another woman, who sought to show the world that her level of stupidity wasn't to be ignored either!! Quite asides from a complete ignorance Read more [...]

Freedom of Speech….to Freedom of Expression…

I believe in Freedom of Speech. The fact that you can say anything, about anything, is the core of a democratic society, where such opinions can lead to change of a policy, message and quality of life. Of course, if I don’t agree with what may be said by someone about something, I’ll likely attempt to poke that person in the eye and question their parentage…because I also strongly believe in Freedom of Expression…

The Cause…and the Effect…!!

Free a wonderful thing. We can use it to make others aware of causes, issues and situations that may concern them. Social media, as a public platform, is the most popular way to publicize those thoughts and opinions. Of course, in doing so, we run the risk of "ruffling a few feathers"...! And when those who lose control, particularly when they lack either the information or intelligence to discuss an issue in a mature manner, get so can actually help to highlight an issue...and Read more [...]

Mentoring…young minds are dangerous…!!

We all know that guiding and nurturing children is paramount , not only to their development, but also to the future of the world in which we live. Dragging their satchels, rucksacks and coats down the street, are future doctors, nurses, teachers and lawyers...and of course, drunks, women-beaters, politicians and thieves! So, it's important when possible, to offer guidance to young minds, to encourage them to think laterally about themselves, their world and their futures. That's where mentoring Read more [...]