Politicians…for the greater good?

In many countries, we breed nations, nations that comprise individuals who emulate a greed, selfishness and lack of moral values, seen so readily in their parents or peers. Very few individuals truly aspire to better the world in which they live. Even fewer have the courage to stand up and even tell the truth, yet alone make a decision for good, rather than for financial, personal or political gain. Then we give the vote to a majority of people who are as easily manipulated by politicians, as they Read more [...]

Hot…or not?!

In India, the land that brought us the Kama Sutra and great curry dishes...things have recently warmed up. And yet, not for either of those two afore-mentioned inventions! By the way…for real “hot” sex…I never found the two to combine terribly well…unless of course you’re particularly adventurous…and in case you do try, it’s always advisable to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand! Indian women have always suffered a huge social pressure. This is a country where virginity is Read more [...]