Fakebook…not so good for local “artistes” or starving children!

Social Media is a wonderful thing. You can find old friends, make new ones...or keep in touch with those not worth the price of a phone-call or visit..! It's really a reflection of the society we've created. For example, over the past couple of weeks, I've seen posts  by a couple of local "artistes". Between them, they have over 8000 "friends". Yet each are struggling to have these "friends" support their endeavours in the music industry. One has to literally plead with her fans to simply Read more [...]

“Legitimate Rape”…oh…of course!

Currently the leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat of Missouri, and backed by the Tea Party, Mr. Todd Akin is an anti-abortionist. When asked in an interview today on TV if "he would like abortion to be banned even if a pregnancy was the result of rape?", he actually answered... "It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that is really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." Oh, well that's great! And there Read more [...]

A Wedding in St. Lucia…a good idea?

There’s very little in life that’s more difficult than finding that special person with whom to spend the rest of your life. We each have criteria, an idea of that perfect person. Some people search, seemingly endlessly, and the lucky ones, find each other like it was always meant to be! Sometimes, it feels a million miles away, but when you do find that person, you know it! That person’s your best friend, your confidante, the love you never dreamed possible. Suddenly, life seems better in Read more [...]

Jesus take the wheel..

Life is the best comedy…

2 women left the local convenience store recently…one walking who said “Remember sister…let Jesus take the wheel!” The other replied “Amen to that! Bye!” and got into her car…
Suddenly…”Scream & Thud” as her car flew back and knocked over the other woman…!!
Attempting not to explode with laughter…I helped the woman up…and said “Looks like Jesus can’t drive then!!!”

My Life – Part 2 – “Oh my God, you’re so big…Bert”!

My mother screamed and screamed, until she thought she would die of the pain. Then after several hours of agonising labour, my head finally emerged, followed by the rest of me. “Congratulations Lucille, you’ve a wonderful little boy!” The nurse smiled broadly, a smile that reduced in size upon seeing the expression on my mother’s face. “Take him away, I don’t want him!” I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for the size of my head! Years later, I’d often find myself Read more [...]

My Life – Part 1 – “Cabbages, beans & genes…”

They say one desert, looks very much like another. But on this one, were several holes dug by British soldiers. The year was 1942, and for many, the last time they’d seen any real “conveniences”...was 1941! So, they dug holes and trenches, and more holes. In particular holes, ragged soldiers sat, awaiting the coming onslaught of the German army. But, behind the front lines, were smaller holes, and for the sake of geographical awareness...were each named “Libyan crap-hole”! Here, the more Read more [...]

All about Ray Hardy…!

So, about me...yikes...! Well, I live on the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Originally from the UK, I came here to live back in late 2002, and am now a citizen. Professionally, I'm a photographer and wedding planner with my own businesses http://www.karaymedia.com/ which is the photographic side, with wedding planning at these sites: http://www.tropicisleweddings.com/ and http://www.aweddinginstlucia.com/ In the UK, I was an Event Manager, Wedding Planner and photographer Read more [...]

Teach Humanity, not Scripture!

Introduction Why would I write about religion? It's very simple. I find myself living in a world, with historical and current day issues, many of which are detracting to the peaceful existence of us all, and many of which can be blamed upon religion, and particularly, organized faith. Religion divides people and nations, just as politics, skin-colour and nationalism do. For all the good it might do, it stirs up hatred and condemnation of those outside of a particular belief system. Religion has Read more [...]