Scandals!! The Tourism Minister says….”it’s their business….they can do what they want!”

Well folks, the Tourism Minister here in St. Lucia, Mr Allen Chastenet, kindly agreed to appear on a local talk show this evening! Mr. Chastenet is a good man. Honestly, he is. Despite what you may have heard concerning his associations, he is. He's more experienced in tourism and marketing than most here put together. He's one of the few ministers here who can talk freely, without a script, eloquently and concisely. Tonight, live on TV, I asked him why vendors (external service providers) such Read more [...]

Sandals & others…A lack of respect for your wedding?

It’s saddening that on the most important day of a couple’s life, they are often left with no choice as to who gives them, what amount to, the only tangible memories they get to take away from such a special day. Hotels on this island, such as Sandals and Almond Bay make it clear on their sites that "All external vendors are prohibited". So, instead of being allowed to choose who photographs one of the most important days of your life, these hotels enforce a choice upon you. And why? Very Read more [...]

A friend in need…just say nothing…!

You know those times, when something falls out of your mouth, and without looking up, you just know you said the wrong thing! As guys, women spend years telling us to listen. When we offer a retort, we're told "I only wanted you to listen, why'd you answer me? How could you possibly understand?"  So, we get wise, and the next time we listen...we say proudly...and then hear "So, you have nothing to say?". In time, we begin to understand that the rules change every day...and there's Read more [...]

Wedding Image – Jalousie Plantation

There are some incredibly beautiful locations in St. Lucia, both to enjoy and holiday, but also to have your wedding at. Beautiful beaches, gardens and waterfalls make for some stunning images. Of course, as a photographer, I miss England's little villages...rolling greens and beautiful little chapels and churches. But having said that, how many people have wedding photographs in their albums like this one? This image was taken at a wedding at Jalousie Plantation in Soufriere. Between, what Read more [...]

Some silly things that people do and say…

This is absolutely true. No, really, it is! I was enjoying a conversation yesterday with a friend of mine on MSN. You know, the kind of friend who can't program the VCR, fills up a digital camera long before learning how to get the photos out of it...but makes the best lasagna known to man, allegedly! During the course of the conversation, which was via microphones connected to our respective PCs, this friend once again hit the desk and jungle of wires underneath it, causing the microphone to once Read more [...]

Welcome to my…Blog! (I hate that word!)

Well, with all the twittering, people getting "twitted", "twatted" and heaven knows what behind closed doors...I guess it's about time I unleash my thoughts on the world. Actually, I was inspired to do so by a couple of friends, one of whom you can read about here:  The other, a writer herself, also encouraged me to leap out onto that "edge"! If this is the "edge", then maybe my life is hitting rock-bottom! Anyway...let's hope for anyone reading this...that the Read more [...]