I’m NOT the Messiah…I’m a very naughty boy…! Part 1

Here is the lesson...and the lesson is...Never Ever tell anyone you are the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!! So, now we're all mindful of that....here "starteth" the lesson...! A few weeks ago, three women came to my gates. I went out to greet them, wondering what they might want, yet dreading what I knew, all too well, was to come... "Good afternoon!" they chorused. "And a good afternoon to you too...how may I be of service ladies?" The usual pained minutes of "small-talk" were endured before Read more [...]

Praying for reward…

For a number of years now, I've had an issue with organized faith, and particularly with the huge displays of hypocrisy that it produces. Today, I've witnessed a post on Facebook which, though seemingly popular with the Christian folks here, absolutely shows the absurdity of a faith based so eagerly on fear and reward. I've covered my distaste for the institutions in another post but want to share this ridiculous video with you. Now, were it not being so celebrated by the "masses of delusion", Read more [...]

Sharia Extremists…Vigilantes!!

This was posted today by The Commentator.... "Thugs masquerading as 'Muslim Patrols' have been accosting residents in London, demanding they abide by the laws of what they deem a 'Muslim area'" So, it appears these guys are roaming parts of East London... vandalizing and bullying passers-by for wearing inappropriate clothing or drinking....in what they have self-proclaimed as a "muslim area". Presumably...if you were stoning your daughter to death, or beheading small children, or infidels, Read more [...]

Blessed to give….or receive?!

So there I was, checking my email...when I see I'm "tagged" in a post on Fakebook... The post is by a girl I know who does make-up for some brides I've photographed....so an acquaintance more than a friend. She's around 30 yrs old.  She also happens to be BIG into her faith, quoting scripture etc etc....so moral values are clearly important... She writes... "Hello Everyone!! I have decided to put a short gift list together, for my birthday on January 17th. This year is really special to Read more [...]

Teach Humanity, not Scripture!

Introduction Why would I write about religion? It's very simple. I find myself living in a world, with historical and current day issues, many of which are detracting to the peaceful existence of us all, and many of which can be blamed upon religion, and particularly, organized faith. Religion divides people and nations, just as politics, skin-colour and nationalism do. For all the good it might do, it stirs up hatred and condemnation of those outside of a particular belief system. Religion has Read more [...]