Caption Time – Batman & Joker!

I've added this...because I thought it funny. The image appeared on a friend's Facebook page...asking for captions...and I added a few...and here they are, reworked for an international audience!   "See, if I've told you once, I told you a 1000 times...stop getting make-up tips from the mortician!" "I dunno man...last thing I remember...was Snoop Lion passing me a spliff...and I woke frickin Batman!" At the GOP's general meeting..."You know...I'm still not convinced Read more [...]

Tribal Instincts…?

Can what "makes us all different" ever really be good for humanity as a whole? We celebrate cultural, religious, philosophical, political and social differences as a matter of course these days, but it's my belief that this is what drives us apart, and ruins the world that we could all, so easily, enjoy together. At this point, I want to leave the "individual" out of the discussion. We are plagued by the singularly ignorant and selfish in this world, but I want to focus on the "groups" we create, Read more [...]

Happy St. Georges Day!

Proud to be English today! Raped, burnt, pillaged and enslaved for 100's of years by Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Libyans etc and ever so slightly by the French (spit!), we rose up! And, we gave the world football, cricket, the world wide web, television, the USA (yes!), cheddar cheese, carbonated drinks, rubber bands, disc brakes, the toothbrush, the Beatles, the Clash, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, photography, chocolate bars, carbon fibre, computers, seed drills, cement, jet engines, tanks, sewing Read more [...]

All about Ray Hardy…!

So, about me...yikes...! Well, I live on the beautiful island of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Originally from the UK, I came here to live back in late 2002, and am now a citizen. Professionally, I'm a photographer and wedding planner with my own businesses which is the photographic side, with wedding planning at these sites: and In the UK, I was an Event Manager, Wedding Planner and photographer Read more [...]

Welcome to my…Blog! (I hate that word!)

Well, with all the twittering, people getting "twitted", "twatted" and heaven knows what behind closed doors...I guess it's about time I unleash my thoughts on the world. Actually, I was inspired to do so by a couple of friends, one of whom you can read about here:  The other, a writer herself, also encouraged me to leap out onto that "edge"! If this is the "edge", then maybe my life is hitting rock-bottom! Anyway...let's hope for anyone reading this...that the Read more [...]