Part 96 – A Painting…

I've always had vivid dreams. I have even seen things in dreams, that later became reality...and I've seen a lot of rubbish too. As a child, I would dream "in metaphors" usually reflecting my sadness as a child...though since my teens, only dreamt of very real situations and people. That was, until last night. I've not been very happy for a while now. I find myself frustrated with a world, full of people, of which the majority are very selfish, ignorant and all too easily lead by the dubious morals Read more [...]

My Life – Part 5 – “Fish fingers…and fried leg…”

So, here I was, a couple of years a shabby mobile home, plagued by strange men in large black shoes, and a grandmother who blew so much smoke into my face that I thought it was always foggy in Devon! Plus, I was having the aforementioned nightmares that haunted not only my sleep, but many of my waking hours too. But there was one glorious moment at that time, that I've never forgotten. Just outside of the kitchen window, was a tree, all bare as I remember...and sitting in the branches Read more [...]

My Life – Part 4 – “Small spaces…”

So, this is where my own memories really begin. As an infant, I'd often be  found outside, in the same pram, which since my downhill escapade, I'd fitted with an escape pod! My first memory is actually a smell. A fence on the site was being painted, and the smell of the creosote has been an association I've made ever since. I'm not sure why I was placed so close to the fence...but maybe it was in the hope that I might be overcome with fumes!? Now of course, for my mother, looking to escape the Read more [...]

My Life- Part 3 – “All downhill from here…”

So, despite handcuffing myself to the bed-rails, and gluing my feet to the mother eventually got to take me home from the hospital. She had a caravan in Mill-On-The-Mole...a mobile home site, just outside of South Molton in Devon. I didn't remember much about the place in later years, having really just seen some old black and white photos of it. Years later, I visited the site, and was amazed to find it was actually all in full colour...!! My mother was 17, and resented me from birth. Read more [...]

My Life – Part 2 – “Oh my God, you’re so big…Bert”!

My mother screamed and screamed, until she thought she would die of the pain. Then after several hours of agonising labour, my head finally emerged, followed by the rest of me. “Congratulations Lucille, you’ve a wonderful little boy!” The nurse smiled broadly, a smile that reduced in size upon seeing the expression on my mother’s face. “Take him away, I don’t want him!” I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for the size of my head! Years later, I’d often find myself Read more [...]

My Life – Part 1 – “Cabbages, beans & genes…”

They say one desert, looks very much like another. But on this one, were several holes dug by British soldiers. The year was 1942, and for many, the last time they’d seen any real “conveniences”...was 1941! So, they dug holes and trenches, and more holes. In particular holes, ragged soldiers sat, awaiting the coming onslaught of the German army. But, behind the front lines, were smaller holes, and for the sake of geographical awareness...were each named “Libyan crap-hole”! Here, the more Read more [...]