A Wedding in St. Lucia…a good idea?

There’s very little in life that’s more difficult than finding that special person with whom to spend the rest of your life. We each have criteria, an idea of that perfect person. Some people search, seemingly endlessly, and the lucky ones, find each other like it was always meant to be! Sometimes, it feels a million miles away, but when you do find that person, you know it! That person’s your best friend, your confidante, the love you never dreamed possible. Suddenly, life seems better in Read more [...]


At a recent wedding…

Woman at wedding: “Hey, aren’t you Simon Le Bon?”
Me: “No, no I’m not”
Waw: “Yes you are!”
Me: “No, really, I’m not”
Waw: “I know it’s you…OMG…it’s you!”
Me: “Ok then, you’re right, it’s me!”
Waw: “…hang on, no it isn’t…it’s MacGuyver”
Me: “Lady, you’re nuts…”
Waw: “I’m NOT!”
Me: “Yes you are….I KNOW you are…!!”