When “Positivity” becomes selfish patronizing…

I'm not a huge fan of the "Peace, Love & Light" brigade. You know the type...they post endless "inspirational" quotes on their Fakebook pages...and attempt to prove to a disinterested viewer, that they have gained a moral superiority simply because they know who the Dalai Lama is...and that they really do understand, appreciate and live by these fashionable quotes....thereby being at some greater level of inner peace and wisdom! Of course, when the shit hits the fan in everyday life, they Read more [...]

Cellular Dating

You know, we hear a lot about women, bemoaning men for not paying them enough attention, not sparing them time, not listening...and more often than not, treating them like some kind of convenience. I'd like to say that I've rarely received those complaints personally, though none of us are perfect! But in the past few years, as a single guy...I've been contacted and befriended by potential suitors. And here's a typical entry into the dialogue: "Do you have bbm or an android or iphone? Gmail Read more [...]

Repatriation for all?!

There are times when we see things on Facebook, that make us scream, laugh, be enraged...or like this...troubled! Now, we thankfully live in a world of free speech...and it's easy to just judge this kind of ranting. The gentleman believes his peoples, those of African Origin...are the true "Israelites"...which is fine...though a pointless statement given how may of his people have any intention or lust to actually go live in Africa! But wanting to evict Israeli's from their own homeland, then everyone Read more [...]

Safe Sex…please!!

200+ million sperm are released in the average ejaculation. You'd think, that since only one could win the race...that some level of brilliance would already exist. But clearly...common sense and swimming ability have nothing to do with it...or this world wouldn't be plagued by so many ignorant, stupid, brainless morons...and those who can't swim! So, if you have an IQ of less than 110, are incapable or unwilling to teach rational, lateral and critical thinking to children...then please...use Read more [...]


Syria, it's government and various tribes of Islamics have been attempting to blow themselves off the face of the planet for 18 months now...and given that the world thinks that killing children with gas...is so much worse than with 50cal bullets(!)...everyone's finally getting involved. It's the same story...the US trying to get Russia and China to do good...but they won't because China and Russia veto everything. Why? Because they are the ones selling these international crooks the weapons in Read more [...]

MLK…a lesson poorly learnt?

When people look back and cherish the memory of Martin Luther King, and all the things he said and stood for...they may want to picture his disappointment. Because, when they then encourage and support bigotry and racism, when celebrating Facebook Groups, companies, businesses and TV channels with the word "black" in the title (purely as a way to discriminate)....the good doctor must roll in his grave in shame. There are other ways to celebrate a unity, but encouraging this ignorance...is poisoning Read more [...]

Hypocrisy, discrimination…and double-standards!

As you may have read in "The Cause...and the Effect...", there are times when you really have to wonder about the intelligence of some people! It started with a simple thread on Facebook, and quickly became a verbal assault on me personally by a woman, who really demonstrated her own ignorance and total lack of lateral thought. But then, she was joined by another woman, who sought to show the world that her level of stupidity wasn't to be ignored either!! Quite asides from a complete ignorance Read more [...]

The Cause…and the Effect…!!

Free Speech.....is a wonderful thing. We can use it to make others aware of causes, issues and situations that may concern them. Social media, as a public platform, is the most popular way to publicize those thoughts and opinions. Of course, in doing so, we run the risk of "ruffling a few feathers"...! And when those who lose control, particularly when they lack either the information or intelligence to discuss an issue in a mature manner, get so abusive...it can actually help to highlight an issue...and Read more [...]

Politicians…for the greater good?

In many countries, we breed nations, nations that comprise individuals who emulate a greed, selfishness and lack of moral values, seen so readily in their parents or peers. Very few individuals truly aspire to better the world in which they live. Even fewer have the courage to stand up and even tell the truth, yet alone make a decision for good, rather than for financial, personal or political gain. Then we give the vote to a majority of people who are as easily manipulated by politicians, as they Read more [...]

Fakebook…not so good for local “artistes” or starving children!

Social Media is a wonderful thing. You can find old friends, make new ones...or keep in touch with those not worth the price of a phone-call or visit..! It's really a reflection of the society we've created. For example, over the past couple of weeks, I've seen posts  by a couple of local "artistes". Between them, they have over 8000 "friends". Yet each are struggling to have these "friends" support their endeavours in the music industry. One has to literally plead with her fans to simply Read more [...]


Dear Argentina,
Please stop breeding. You’ve had a few hundred years, and produced one cheating footballer, several corrupt politicians, an army that couldn’t whip the Smurfs….and no discernible culture of any worth. We’ve tolerated years of bloody “Evita” too….which is crime enough. There are penguins on OUR Falkland Islands that have more personality than anyone you could ever produce…so please…give it up!

Thank you, Ray

PS…Sod off.

St. Lucia Jazz

Dear St Lucia Jazz...please, please...for next years Jazz...leave Boo Hinckson where he belongs....in history. Professional performers don't blame a "fender-bender" for being late to a performance....they simply are not late. Nor do they offer a soul-less personality and performance... My cat gives more musical mastery when I tread on her tail...and her repertoire isn't a rip-off of George Benson. So before you decide you want to keep next years events half-empty....leave Boo in his coffin....and Read more [...]

Scandals!! The Tourism Minister says….”it’s their business….they can do what they want!”

Well folks, the Tourism Minister here in St. Lucia, Mr Allen Chastenet, kindly agreed to appear on a local talk show this evening! Mr. Chastenet is a good man. Honestly, he is. Despite what you may have heard concerning his associations, he is. He's more experienced in tourism and marketing than most here put together. He's one of the few ministers here who can talk freely, without a script, eloquently and concisely. Tonight, live on TV, I asked him why vendors (external service providers) such Read more [...]

Sandals & others…A lack of respect for your wedding?

It’s saddening that on the most important day of a couple’s life, they are often left with no choice as to who gives them, what amount to, the only tangible memories they get to take away from such a special day. Hotels on this island, such as Sandals and Almond Bay make it clear on their sites that "All external vendors are prohibited". So, instead of being allowed to choose who photographs one of the most important days of your life, these hotels enforce a choice upon you. And why? Very Read more [...]