Success – The need to be “The Best”

We hear a lot from folks who want to be "the best". I think there's some narcissistic tendency on the part of those need the gratification that comes from such external praising. To be the best, you need to be considered the best. But, by who? There are photographers I know here, who produce terrible work: cheesy, bad composition, over-saturated and just plain awful! But, on their Facebook page, some of their 5000 followers will like the latest offering by the hundreds. But, it says nothing Read more [...]

When “Positivity” becomes selfish patronizing…

I'm not a huge fan of the "Peace, Love & Light" brigade. You know the type...they post endless "inspirational" quotes on their Fakebook pages...and attempt to prove to a disinterested viewer, that they have gained a moral superiority simply because they know who the Dalai Lama is...and that they really do understand, appreciate and live by these fashionable quotes....thereby being at some greater level of inner peace and wisdom! Of course, when the shit hits the fan in everyday life, they Read more [...]

Kanye & Bobbi VS 21 Children dead every minute…

Typically of the media, and it's financial need to appeal to the lowest common denominator amongst the populous...we are deluged in stories that really have no business being in the domain of a truly empathetic society. Yep, here comes Kanye again, dragging himself out from under the fat arse of the social whore he chose to represent the true values he apparently claims. Frankly, even as a musician, I have no interest in the Grammy awards or any other awards come to that. These award ceremonies Read more [...]

Beauty Pageants's been mentioned that as a photographer...I am supposed to be more conscious and apparently appreciative of those things in life that we call "beautiful". And yes, nature, some architecture and often, people too...are all things that can inspire a like or lust within. But, all too often, these contests are contrived and lack those spontaneous moments that create a joy in our appreciation. Without even addressing the concerns of women and girls being paraded like be judged, scored Read more [...]

Cellular Dating

You know, we hear a lot about women, bemoaning men for not paying them enough attention, not sparing them time, not listening...and more often than not, treating them like some kind of convenience. I'd like to say that I've rarely received those complaints personally, though none of us are perfect! But in the past few years, as a single guy...I've been contacted and befriended by potential suitors. And here's a typical entry into the dialogue: "Do you have bbm or an android or iphone? Gmail Read more [...]

Caption Time – Batman & Joker!

I've added this...because I thought it funny. The image appeared on a friend's Facebook page...asking for captions...and I added a few...and here they are, reworked for an international audience!   "See, if I've told you once, I told you a 1000 times...stop getting make-up tips from the mortician!" "I dunno man...last thing I remember...was Snoop Lion passing me a spliff...and I woke frickin Batman!" At the GOP's general meeting..."You know...I'm still not convinced Read more [...]

Miss America – When All That’s Seen…is Skin Colour…

As I talked about, in a piece called Tribal Instincts, we sadly live in a world where the majority of people are happiest dividing themselves into groups. For centuries, people have divided by religion, politics, colour, gender, creed, sports teams and nation etc. Of course, some look for that elusive "peace and goodwill to all", but it's like the best use at all, unless everyone shares the dream. One of the most ridiculous of these devices that divide us, is colour. Something Read more [...]

Repatriation for all?!

There are times when we see things on Facebook, that make us scream, laugh, be enraged...or like this...troubled! Now, we thankfully live in a world of free speech...and it's easy to just judge this kind of ranting. The gentleman believes his peoples, those of African Origin...are the true "Israelites"...which is fine...though a pointless statement given how may of his people have any intention or lust to actually go live in Africa! But wanting to evict Israeli's from their own homeland, then everyone Read more [...]

Safe Sex…please!!

200+ million sperm are released in the average ejaculation. You'd think, that since only one could win the race...that some level of brilliance would already exist. But clearly...common sense and swimming ability have nothing to do with it...or this world wouldn't be plagued by so many ignorant, stupid, brainless morons...and those who can't swim! So, if you have an IQ of less than 110, are incapable or unwilling to teach rational, lateral and critical thinking to children...then please...use Read more [...]

Tribal Instincts…?

Can what "makes us all different" ever really be good for humanity as a whole? We celebrate cultural, religious, philosophical, political and social differences as a matter of course these days, but it's my belief that this is what drives us apart, and ruins the world that we could all, so easily, enjoy together. At this point, I want to leave the "individual" out of the discussion. We are plagued by the singularly ignorant and selfish in this world, but I want to focus on the "groups" we create, Read more [...]

Motivational Techniques – An Illustration!

Today, I spotted a post from someone who looks to encourage others to achieve the impossible. In this case, it's about losing weight and getting fit. Now, as a person with a slight growth in the "tummy area"...I can relate to the frustrations of excess poundage where once a sizzling six-pack resided. I'm also renowned for having less than a politically-correct sense of humour...but even to me...the image posted, see below, is pushing the limits of acceptable taste in humour!!   Accompanying Read more [...]

No murders today!

And news just in: St. Lucia has just reported that absolutely no-one has been shot for at least 24 hours. Local police are completely baffled and will be investigating at some point…whilst local members of government will convene a committee and 17 sub-committees  to try and resolve the issue…with a date penciled in…sometime in 2015…!


Syria, it's government and various tribes of Islamics have been attempting to blow themselves off the face of the planet for 18 months now...and given that the world thinks that killing children with so much worse than with 50cal bullets(!)...everyone's finally getting involved. It's the same story...the US trying to get Russia and China to do good...but they won't because China and Russia veto everything. Why? Because they are the ones selling these international crooks the weapons in Read more [...]

Vaginas & Chicken Heads!

Arriving at the checkout...and still with some bronchitis...I politely coughed...with my hand over my mouth. Two women were right behind me... 1st Woman to the other - "Hmph...why does this boy think we want to share in his germs...I eh wanna be sick". (The response of the other "lady" was too offensive to say here). Me - "Ladies, allow me to apologize...I'm sensitive to infections, and actually allergic to yeast. I think you may find that one or both of you is carrying some kind of vaginal Read more [...]

Things that crossed my mind today…

1- Was there ever a Rastafarian...who stopped smoking weed in order to afford the ticket...and actually go to Zion as dictated by his cult? 2- Why is it unacceptable to write "Heavens..that is one UGLY child!" on people's photos? 3- When people get hit by buses on crossings...and people pray for their recovery....why does no-one ever ask where the same God was to stop it happening in the first place? 4- Did I travel back in time...because it seems Network Marketing has ominously reappeared Read more [...]

MLK…a lesson poorly learnt?

When people look back and cherish the memory of Martin Luther King, and all the things he said and stood for...they may want to picture his disappointment. Because, when they then encourage and support bigotry and racism, when celebrating Facebook Groups, companies, businesses and TV channels with the word "black" in the title (purely as a way to discriminate)....the good doctor must roll in his grave in shame. There are other ways to celebrate a unity, but encouraging this poisoning Read more [...]